Dear customer, in our onlineshop we accept the following payment types:


With PayPal you can pay fast, easy and comfortable. You can pay with your deposited credit cart, with your bank account or with your PayPal credit. Therefore you need to have a registered PayPal account. At the end of your order you get forwarded to your PayPal account to choose your favorite payment method in PayPal. We’ll receive your payment immediately after your finished checkout, that guarantees a fast shipping process.



If you pay with prepayment you have to transfer the total bill sum to our bank account. We’ll ship the order after we received your payment on our bank account. Please transfer the sum directly after your checkout and specify your order number and your name.

If you’ve choosen prepayment as your payment you’ll get a summary of all important informations regarding the payment after your checkout.


Credit Card

Feel free to pay with your credit card in our online shop. Our payment provider Paymill makes the payment process convenient and safe directly in the check-out process. Only after your order is completed we will charge your credit card.

Do you have any further questions? Please contact us via our contact-form.