Shipping costs and delivery service

At the moment we deliver our products in all countries of the European Union. That contains 26 countries (see below). The shipping in other countries which are not in the E.U. is not offered at the moment.  For the shipping in Germany we do free shipping. The shipping costs for all below listed countries are 4,95 €.

Our deliveries are carried by the “Multi-Channel Fulfillment” of Amazon. Thereby we can keep a high quality-standard and a fast and safe delivery.

The delivery time for a german adress is about 1-3 working days. A delivery to one of the below listed countries can take 3-5 working days. Please keep in mind that it’s possible that the delivery time get longer with the payment option “prepayment” because we have to wait until we received your payment to send your package.

We deliver to the following EU countries: 

Belgium, Bulgaria , Denmark, Germany , Estonia, Finland , France , Greece, Great Britain , Italy, Ireland , Latvia, Lithuania , Luxembourg, Malta , Netherlands , Austria, Poland , Portugal , Romania, Sweden , Slovakia, Slovenia , Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus